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Skill Tests are a collection of language or technology-based questions that help you to assess yourself, improve your knowledge, and move up the leaderboard. In fact, with thousands of users taking these tests daily, Skill Tests are one of the world's most trusted assessments for benchmarking technology-skills. Each of our Skill Test covers a set of topics and is of a certain level of difficulty. Moreover, we have refreshed the questions in consultation with industry experts, to up the level of Skill Tests. Qualifying in a Skill Test implies that you have a strong grip on those subjects within that skill. Even though Skill Tests stand for benchmarking your personal skills against millions of users, we strive to also provide you meaningful learning. You can also brush-up your knowledge on the topics you are weak on with the Edufyz e-learning courses, where we have built dedicated learning paths for popular skills.

So, get going! We have a number of skill tests that measure your capacities and the ability to perform in your field. Take a skill test today and improve your actual skill ability!