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Why Do Learners Want Online Training Certificates?

Have you heard? The demand for online certificate courses is on the rise rapidly. This growing demand means that certificates are fast becoming one of the most important considerations for employment. Here are the top reasons why certification is important to learners.

Certification is motivating

A lack of motivation and engagement often leads to other unwanted outcomes, like high dropout rates and poor application of learning in the workplace. So, making eLearning certificates a source of motivation is by awarding them for the completion of focused chunks of learning, like a short course or module. For example, sales staff could earn a certificate after completing a 2-week online course about “high converting sales conversations”.

It helps employees climb the professional ladder

The need for recognition is as human a need as any, and it offers a whole host of advantages for creating happy, productive workplaces. The importance of certification isn’t just about planting a feather in the cap of successful learners. It’s also a self-expressive tool for learners to tell the world about their professional development.

It provides employees with credibility

To stay ahead of the game today, companies must continuously learn and adapt – and so should their employees. This is probably why 67% of employees believe they must continuously reskill themselves to stay in their careers and remain credible.

One of the ways employees can keep their skills up to date is through training certificates. By incorporating certificates into your courses, you’ll be providing employees with the proof they need to convince companies that they’re experts in their field. In other words, companies should hire them, if they haven’t already!

It’s a means for continuous education

Careers in the 21st century don’t look like those from the 20th century. Career growth and development isn’t a straight, upward path anymore. Rather, having a successful career often means finding fulfillment. And this leads many people to change their jobs, and even industries, multiple times throughout their lives.

If you’re consulting on courses in industries that experience frequent change, like digital marketing and software engineering, certificates will be an even more important part of the learning experience.

The benefits of a certificate program leave employees feeling motivated, engaged, and confident in their professional status. Not to mention that they get to chase their dream career without having to go back to school. It’s no wonder, then, that employees want certificates so much. So, why not offer them what they need?