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Programming vs Coding: The Difference you must know

Some of the experts in the software development industry claim that ‘Coding is not the same as programming. Just because you can code does not mean you can program’. Now, what does this mean to you? Ir is for sure all these years we have thought that these two words can be used interchangeably, and they mean the same thing. However, they are much different from each other.

Coding is the ability to understand the syntax and structure of a language, whereas programming is the ability to translate a thought or an idea into a language to solve a problem.

Let us dive a little deeper to understand the two most frequently used vocabulary in the software industry.

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how the developer wants. Each line of language code tells the computer to do something, and a document with several lines of code is called a script. The process of Compiling changes the code from your programming language into machine code, which your computer can understand.

In short, coding involves writing many lines of code to create a software program.

What is Programming? 

Programming is essential since to write code; you need to be transparent with the outline or structure of the program.

You can read more information about what is coding and programming from here.


So, let us see the features in coding and programming:

  1. Scope

Coding is a subset of programming. In coding, you transform a set of instructions into a language the computer can understand. Coding can be done in parts. Before you code, you need to have an outline of the program as to what you are going to code. Whereas Programming has a broader scope where you define the requirements, write your logic, code, test, and creating an executable program from your necessary codes.

  1. Skills

Coders typically follow given instructions and requirements to write code. As a coder, you need to know the syntax of a programming language.

A programmer needs a specialized degree and years of experience to obtain the skills and knowledge that are required to write logic, analyze, design, and write complex programs. A Programmer should be able to understand and create complex data structures and algorithms. 

  1. Tools

If you are well versed in the programming language, then for coding, a simple text editor would do. Since programming has a broader scope, advanced concepts should be known to a program.

  1. Outcome

In the case of coding, the outcome of a piece of code is just the desired result for a set of instructions given to a computer. The outcome of programming could be a whole application, a software product, or a website. If programming is a book, then coding can be compared to a chapter in the book.

  1. Support

Both coding and programming have broad community support for continuous improvement.