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Marry, a software engineer from Florida

Marry, a software engineer from Florida, recently tried an online class through Edufyz for the first time in her life. One of the most surprising and exciting parts of her experience was connecting with fellow learners around the globe. Marry also said, “It was an amazing experience to learn alongside students from all over the world.

Read on to learn more about Marry’s first-time online learning experiences on Edufyz.

How was your experience learning online?

It was my first time signing up for an online course and I didn’t know what to expect. However, I enjoyed the course content modules. They were succinct and clear. The prompts inspired me to learn more and more. The Q&A here was challenging and tested my understanding. The answers were clear and educational. I read the materials a few times and took notes for future references. I followed all the instructions of learning and that was an amazing learning experience for me.

How has your learning impacted your career, life, or community?

I firmly believe that I improved my coding skills to code more effectively. This is a valuable skill in our modern time and it will affect my life for years to come.

How do you plan to use your learning in the future? What’s next for you?

I have lined up other online courses form Edufyz that I’m interested in signing up for.

What advice would you give new Edufyz students?

Sign up for an online learning course that you love to study for a start. Follow all the instructions and complete all the assignments. Take notes on the learnings and what you learn from the experts. Take notes during the process. Save your notes and refer to them regularly, particularly if it’s a topic you love. I know that I will be using my notes.