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DevOps is a set of practices or processes that combines both software development and information technology operations. It is now becoming a popular topic because it enables businesses to achieve mainly two objectives; decrease systems development life cycle time and provide continuous product delivery with high quality.

Moreover, DevOps requires teams to be highly collaborative and responsive. It requires teams to adopt toolchains that fit into the key aspects of development and delivery processes i.e. Coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing, configuring, monitoring. On the other hand, DevOps is about the unification of Development and Operations through collaborative processes and heavy use of automation to deploy software faster.

Among the many reasons for learning or adopting DevOps as a culture, these listed below highlight some of the biggest beneficial reasons to consider.

Software Quality

It is very important to factor in people and their motivation while building software. DevOps takes care of it by encouraging the use of data provided by tools and users in real-time to maintain the quality. DevOps is heavily dependent on automation to make delivery over a period of a few hours. Automation in DevOps fosters speed, greater accuracy, consistency, and reliability. DevOps also involves an analysis of user behavior which results in the design of testing scenarios, allowing teams to meet user’s expectations in less time.

Attractive Career Option

Having DevOps skills in being considered as a smart career option because of a higher mean salary of software/IT engineers. Moreover, many types of research show that approximately 46% of the IT companies will hire software engineers with DevOps skills8 in the coming years. Some of the key DevOps roles are The DevOps evangelist, the release manager, the automation architect, the software developer/tester, the experience assurance professional, the security engineer, the utility technology player.

DevOps Certification Course Overview

This DevOps certification course online training is delivered by a team of industry experts with several years of industry experience. This online certification course will cover various DevOps tools and will be completely hands-on and will help you become a certified professional to handle the real-time DevOps projects in any enterprise.

This DevOps online training will cover all the stages of the software development lifecycle including continuous development, testing, configuration management, integration, and monitoring. Moreover, this DevOps training helps you to become an expert in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, and IT service agility, using DevOps tools. Here, you will also learn about various aspects of the DevOps delivery model.

DevOps Certification Course Curriculum

The eligibility criteria for this course:

This online DevOps Training will be suitable for software developers, technical project managers, architects, operations support, deployment engineers, IT managers, and development managers.

The pre-requisites for this course:

Learners taking this online DevOps training course must be from a technical background with an understanding of Linux fundamentals, Web Development fundamentals, and Java fundamentals.

Frequently Asked Questions about DevOps

Q: Do I need to install any software before starting this course?

No, we will provide you with access to our online course so that you do not have to install anything on your local machine.

Q: I have some more questions. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! Please contact us by calling us or by just sending us a mail.

Q: Is there any prerequisite for the DevOps course?

Technical background with an understanding of Linux fundamentals, Web Development fundamentals, and Java fundamentals is required for this course. If you are comfortable with Linux commands then you will also be able to get the concepts.

Q: Who should go for this DevOps certification training?

  • IT Professionals
  • Software Testers
  • System Admins
  • Solution Architects
  • Security Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialists

Q: What will you learn in this DevOps training?

Our DevOps course has been designed keeping in mind the latest industry needs. You will be trained on the following skillsets which have been curated based on job descriptions posted by companies looking for DevOps Engineers. In this DevOps course, you will learn the following aspects:

  • In-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology
  • Implementing Software Version Control
  • Containerizing Code on production
  • Configuration Management
  • Automating build and test
  • Container Orchestration
  • Performance Tuning and Monitoring


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    Thomas Hernandez

    I recently completed the DevOps course from Edufyz. The trainer’s teaching approach and engagement technique used in the online session is very good. He made sure every student pays attention by asking questions and asking the views and opinions of students. I have taken many online courses but Edufyz online class was the best one can get.
    August 6, 2020
  • review1.png

    Charles Gonzalez

    DevOps online training helped me to achieve my dreams. Whether one is a beginner or an experienced professional this online course helps and trains them accordingly. I recommended Edufyz to all my professionals.
    August 6, 2020
  • review1.png

    Christopher Lopez

    I'm a cloud DevOps engineer and I had completed this DevOps training from Edufyz. The course was good. The support team is very good, supportive. Projects and assignments were also good. The most important thing about Edufyz is that the course information was very valuable, and this had helped me a lot in my career. I will surely recommend to my friends also for the DevOps online training from Edufyz.
    August 6, 2020
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