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Data Warehousing Certification


Course Description

As we are moving from intuition-based decision making to factual decision making, it is increasingly important to capture data and store it in a way that allows us to make smarter decisions for the future. This is where the Data warehouse comes into the picture. There is now a huge demand for Data warehousing professionals and this course will act as a foundation that opens the door to a variety of opportunities in Business Intelligence space.

As some of the hottest buzzwords in the IT space include data science, analytics, and machine learning. All of these are based upon a foundation of business intelligence, which always rests on the shoulders of data warehousing. A solid understanding of such Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence (DW/BI) is critical to be successful as a data professional in today's marketplace. In this course, you'll begin with an understanding of the terms and concepts of Data Warehousing. Next, you'll see concrete examples that clearly illustrate these terms. Finally, you will see a sample implementation of a DW project with SQL Server. As a DBA, database designer, or report developer the skills in this course will help you create and work with your data warehouse tasks. If you are a project manager or business user, understanding how your data warehouse works will allow you to communicate your needs clearly with your development team to get the most from your business intelligence solutions. Finally, if you are on the road to becoming a data scientist, understanding the design of your data warehouses will aid you in being able to extract the data you need for your analytical solutions.

Data Warehousing Certification Course Overview

Evaluate business needs, design a data warehouse structure, and integrate and visualize data using dashboards and visual analytics. This online course covers data architecture skills that are increasingly critical across a broad range of technology fields. Here, you’ll learn the basics of structured data modeling, gain practical SQL coding experience, and develop an in-depth understanding of data warehouse design and data manipulation. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to work with large data sets in a data warehouse environment to create dashboards and Visual Analytics. In the final stage, you’ll apply your skills to build a small, basic data warehouse, populate it with data, and create dashboards and other visualizations to analyze and communicate the data to a broad audience.

Data Warehousing Certification Course Curriculum

This online course for those professionals who are:

  • Anyone who wants to get into the data world can be benefited from this course.
  • Marketers
  • Startup folks
  • Aspiring Data Analysts
  • Database Developers
  • Recent College Grads
  • Job-seekers
  • BI folks

The pre-requisites for this online course includes basic understanding of Databases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Warehousing

Q: What background knowledge is necessary?

You should have some prior experience with software engineering and business intelligence. This online course is designed primarily for software engineering professionals who are seeking to enter the fields of data engineering, architecture, or big data analytics, but other experienced technical professionals are also welcome.

Q: Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Yes, we recommend taking the courses in the order presented, as each subsequent course will build on material from previous courses.

Q: What will I be able to do upon completing this Data Warehousing online course?

You will be able to architect, build, and populate a data warehouse to meet real ­world business reporting needs.


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Review (3)

  • review1.png

    Carl Mitchell

    This online course creator has done an excellent job on the introduction of the topic. Their high-level explanation of topics was a layer with just enough detail and examples to make the subject matter very clear to me. Thanks, Edufyz for this online learning course.
    August 7, 2020
  • review1.png

    Jeremy Campbell

    If you have a good time, and you want to learn and understand what the data warehouse is, how it works and what to go from there, this is a good online learning course to start with. It provides very clean and clear information and also guides the viewers through complicated concepts. I would suggest this online learning course to others.
    August 7, 2020
  • review1.png

    Keith Clark

    This information about Data Warehousing is crucial to anyone who wants to get into the role of Data Warehouse Solution Architect. This online course has explained in an easy to understand format. The structure of this online course and its contents are perhaps well up to the industry- level requirements and highly advisable to opt one.
    August 7, 2020
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