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Apache Web Server


Course Description

The Apache Web Server is a popular web server software that is first developed by the Apache Software Foundation in the USA. The Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports various projects that are handled by the Apache software, which also includes the Apache server. Most of the web servers are run by Apache Software across the globe. The top reasons to choose learning Apache is due to its speed, reliability, and the security that it provides. Another highlight of Apache is that it can be customized according to the user’s requirement by using various modules and extensions.

The advantages of learning Apache Web Server

Ever since its creation, the Apache Web Server is now proven to be one of the most successful web servers in the entire world. According to a recent survey, Apache is now rated as the most popular WWW series on the web. This survey rates that 67% of the users of all the web servers use Apache. Now, let us know the advantages of learning the Apache Web Server:

  • The source code of Apache Web Server is available for without any cost to anyone and also no license is required.
  • The code can be modified to fix certain errors.
  • The ability to add more features makes the Apache Web Server a favorite among the techies.
  • It is highly reliable and delivers the best performance.
  • The changes made here are recorded immediately.
  • Apache Web Server can easily run on any Operating System
  • The Apache Web Server is automatically updated and maintained.
  • The technical support of Apache Web Server is readily available on several websites all around the world.
  • The Apache Web Server’s documentation is very extensive and useful.
  • With the help of Apache Web Server, you can run multiple websites from the same server.

Other benefits of learning Apache Web Server:

  • Ease of Administration: The configuration files used in the Apache Web Server use ASCII. Therefore, this makes them extremely simple to administer because it is very easy to edit the files using the text editor.
  • Extensible: Having an open-source architecture, it is a server application that is always developing all thanks to the developers around the world. Due to its extensibility, any developer can develop a custom module and submit it for use by other developers within the Apache community.
  • Efficiency: It’s fast, lean, and uses fewer system resources for running. It is designed for performance optimization as it is based on the C code.
  • Stability: Over the years, the Apache Web Server has evolved into an extremely stable webserver. The communication and reporting of errors are seamless and also easy all thanks to its open-source structure. This also means that the errors are fixed by developers around the world that results in a speedy resolution.

Hence, with so many advantages and benefits of Apache Web Server, you might be interested in learning the same.

Apache Web Server ‏‏Course Overview

This Apache Web Server online course introduces the main concepts of the Apache Web Server. Moreover, this online training course covers the basic operation of the webserver, configuration, URL mapping, directory indexing, virtual hosting, performance tuning, and security.

Although this online learning course is based on the Linux distribution, the delegate should be able to apply the concepts covered on this online course to any Apache Web Server, despite the Operating System differences, as the configuration of the Apache Web Server is the same on all platforms.

Apache Web Server Course Curriculum

The audience for this online course:

This online learning course is designed for the candidates who want to learn more about Apache Web Server, what it is used for, how to configure Apache to serve as a proxy, and much more.

The Prerequisites:

This online skill training course is for those professionals who have some experience in the world of internetworking. Also, candidates should have a basic understanding of Linux, as all the examples here are produced in Ubuntu, which is a popular Linux distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apache Web Server

Q: How can I practice?

The detailed information and other information about the required software will be displayed in the course material. Moreover, our support team is always here to help you set up the software in case you need any assistance. However, the hardware requirements are needed to be fulfilled by the learner.

Q: Who is my instructor?

The course instructors are top-notch professionals in this field whose knowledge and experience how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

Q: What are the methods of training offered in this course?

We offer this course as a self-paced online training mode. Through this, you will learn about the subject at your own pace without any pressure of course completion.

Q: How about course discounts?

We have several discount codes for all our online courses, however, there are some terms and conditions for this. To simply know about discount codes, you can get in touch with us.

Q: What if I have more queries?

For any difficulty resolution or to address any query, you can directly reach us through our official email address or you can also call us. Our support team is always ready to address your issues.


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  • review1.png

    Nicholas Perez

    The experts here were brilliant, as I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this online learning course. In this online course, I have learned so much about the subject and will be able to apply the learning concepts in my job role. What else I can say as everything here is the best. Thank you Edufyz.
    September 25, 2020
  • review1.png

    Mark Rodriguez

    I totally recommend this online learning course for anyone interested to know more about the Apache Web Server. In any case, you're engaged in handling any kind of system Admin tasks, then this online training course is for you. The experts here have presented the course material in a very efficient way and it seemed they have several years of experience of deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting Apache web servers. All thanks to Edufyz for your efforts and I am awaiting new great courses in the future!
    September 25, 2020
  • review1.png

    Jonathan Moore

    It was an excellent course to opt for! The online course was well thought out and it was a good online learning experience. The hands-on training about the subject course was also of the highest mark and I feel like it’s a good grounding to move forward in using Apache Web Server and the relevant software.
    September 25, 2020
  • review1.png

    Brandon Thompson

    In this online course, I really like the way they are just right up to the point. Initially, I had several problems and questions about the directory security. But this online training course answered all my questions. I really want to thank Edufyz for bringing up such a great online course!
    September 25, 2020
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