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Best 7 Tips to Learn PHP
PHP Programming   

Best 7 Tips to Learn PHP


Want to learn PHP through our online course? Then, here are 7 tips for learning PHP that will help you understand PHP basics & master PHP development. But, before you begin to learn PHP, it might be wise to take a moment to plan your approach to learning the programming language.

Professional developers that have learned PHP earlier have spent a significant number of hours learning their craft. To emulate them, you will need to ensure that you are motivated to do the same, and ideally able to learn PHP quickly and efficiently. The slower and more inefficient your learning methods are, the longer it will take for you to get a job in PHP development or build the application you have in mind.

Well, we have put together a list of 7 tips to help you learn PHP. The tips should help you approach learning PHP effectively, keep you motivated, and also avoid some potential difficulties.

  1. Be confident you want to learn PHP

If you have arrived on this article as a newcomer to programming, you might not have a strong preference about which programming language to learn. While that's not necessarily a problem, it could lead to a problem later down the line in which you realize that a different programming language is better suited to your aspirations. PHP is a server-side programming language commonly used in web development. There are lots of great reasons to learn PHP, including:

  • You want to take your WordPress skills to the next level. As WordPress is powered by PHP, that creates a huge demand for PHP skills.
  • PHP is considered to be relatively easy to learn compared to other programming languages.
  • As PHP is native to the web, you'll be able to put simple projects online a lot quicker and with less difficulty, than you would be able to with some other languages, meaning you will see results for your efforts much quicker than if you were to learn another language.

So, before you start to learn PHP, make sure you consider these so that you can be confident that PHP serves your needs.

  1. Keep your projects in mind

Now that you know why you want to learn PHP, it is also useful to have an objective in mind for what you want to do with it. Learning PHP will be a long process, and staying motivated will be easier with an end goal in mind. Online courses, such as the Edufyz PHP course, keep the learning process interesting and interactive by having you build a project as you learn the fundamentals of PHP development. If you keep your project in mind, you will have a greater incentive to remember what you learn if you want to apply it to your project. You will need to continually practice your newly developing PHP skills, and it is usually easiest to motivate yourself to work on your project.

  1. Learn HTML first

While PHP is a fine choice as your first programming language, it shouldn't be your first step in web development. If you haven't learned it already, you should dedicate some time to learning HTML before you start to learn PHP. HTML is a markup language, rather than a programming language, that forms the basis for web pages.

  1. Active learning over passive

One of the best ways to make learning more effective is to learn actively rather than passively. To learn passively means to simply watch/read/listen and absorb information. To learn actively means to use what you're learning in a problem or project.

  1. Turn on Error Reporting in PHP.ini

If you are going to break things, it may be wise to make sure error reporting is enabled. This may well be enabled by default, but in some instances when you break your PHP application, all you will see is a blank screen. To see an error report, ensure that you turn to enable error handling in your php.ini file by using the code: ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(-1); That will mean that when you make an error in your code, an error report will at least return a somewhat helpful message to help you debug the problem.

  1. Try to solve problems yourself

When you do run into a problem, a common reaction is to immediately ask for help. Now, there's nothing wrong with asking for help. A lot of people would say it should be encouraged. But if you ask someone as soon as you get stuck, you're not going to learn the lesson anywhere near as well as you would have done had you figured out the problem yourself. There is a right time to ask a question.

  1. Understanding jargon

One difficulty you may encounter early on when learning PHP is the technical language used by your instructors. A good instructor will be able to explain the PHP basics to you in plain English. But once you get on to more advanced topics, the instructor will need to use more technical language to describe concepts of greater complexity.

It's important that you learn the words in your new vocabulary sufficiently to be able to understand sentences that might use two or more jargon words in them. Unfortunately, it's unlikely you will ever fully understand how to use PHP unless you can understand the difficult concepts behind it, and that means learning a technical language.


The tips in this guide will help to prepare you to be a better PHP professional, and ensure a more efficient learning process if followed correctly. While most of these tips are aimed at those at the start of their quest to learn how to use PHP, some will prove useful for those at a more advanced stage of their PHP education.

But anyway, now that you've put some research into it, you may have made your choice to learn PHP. If that’s the case, there’s only one thing left to do… It’s time to learn PHP!

It can be a daunting process, as can anything that we choose to learn. But for many, it’s a beautiful road, and there’s a massively rewarding feeling at the end of it. Stick to the tips in this article and you’ll be well on your way.

If you have any questions relating to this article or the online course here at Edufyz, then please do not hesitate to ask us. Simply leave a comment below or get support from the support team which is available 24x7 for you. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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