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About Us

Edufyz is an award-winning online training service provider, delivering market-leading digital course solutions to business and IT professionals around the globe. With content provide and organized by online training specialists and highly-competitive prices, Edufyz has earned an impressive track record with both first-time pass rates and repeat customers.

What sets Edufyz different from the competition is its focus on usability and flexibility. Students usually receive long-term access to resources designed to not only prepare them for certification exams but also equip them to utilize their training in real-world practice. Thanks to our training experts Edufyz can also supply managers with highly relevant data on corporate training programs, allowing them to make the most out of their investments.

At Edufyz, we are always dedicated to making world-class corporate training easily accessible anytime and anywhere. Students can easily log in to their chosen courses via any web-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets, allowing training to continue from a desk, at home, or even on the train to work. By focusing purely on online course training tools that offer demonstrable value, we are also able to deliver top-tier training content without forcing students to go over budget.

All our online courses are designed to fully prepare students to achieve their career goals. Also, each course features several assets to help students along, including practice tests, regular knowledge checks, and to the point course materials. On the other hand, students are also entitled to access help from the Edufyz Support Team.

About Us


Learn something new

Edufyz’s online training portfolio covers the biggest frameworks in business and IT sectors, including Project Management, DevOps, HTML, etc. The proven effectiveness of our online offering has won us major corporate clients, allowing us to help international organizations upskill staff and meet crucial business objectives quickly and efficiently.

Our fully-accredited online courses have won a significant amount of acclaim in recent years. Moreover, we build our courses with two priorities in mind: engagement and retention. Unlike the competition, we want to do more than prepare students. Instead, our goal is to help them develop a practical understanding of how their new knowledge can be applied in real-world scenarios.


Guided Projects

Where our online courses teach you new technical skills and practice module helps you sharpen them, our guided projects will give you hands-on experience in solving real-world problems. Designed by expert instructors, our Guided Projects are an important step in your journey to become skill ready and help you build your job portfolio to show employers.

  • 100% online with no setup required
  • Interactive learning experience with step-by-step, visual instruction from subject-matter experts
  • Priced starting at $49.99 (USD)
  • Earn a Guided Project certificate


Master a skill

Our Specialization courses are here to offer upskilling training for professionals to gain the knowledge they need to make their next career move. These Specialization Courses are affordably priced, self-paced, and offer the best certification.

Our Specialization courses are collections of curated courses in verticals like Marketing, Finance, IT, and Human Resources. Each specialization has the capacity to upskill a professional to an advanced level.

Online Degrees

Online Degrees

Top degrees that fit your life

Online Degrees have become widely available from colleges, as they provide a way for students to learn on their own terms. Here, the online options may be strictly scheduled, depending on the type of program. But at Edufyz's range of online degrees, you will be allowed to learn a subject in-depth, have the flexibility to fit your studies around your working life, enjoy top-class teaching, and also you will benefit from the convenience that comes with studying online.

  • Flexible online learning, with open degree courses you can start today
  • Build your own schedule over 1-4 years of study
  • All-in pricing starting at around $9,000 (USD) with the option to pay in installments
  • Earn an accredited university bachelor or master’s degree
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